Uzimet is the only lead sheet producer in the Benelux. We are an environmentally conscious and innovative company that converts old lead into new sheet lead through a refining process. We have been around for more than 110 years. Our lead has many different innovative applications. For example, our lead is an indispensable material in the field of radiation techniques in the medical world. In addition, the lead is used for watertight closures of buildings, to provide a boat with ballast or to provide a facade with a beautiful ‘metal look’.

Latest news about Uzimet

International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector

Self-adhesive Col. Lead

Self-adhesive, the only real lead replacement, but the made of lead…   Properties Self-Adhesive Coloured Lead Self-adhesive, coloured, sheet lead, for extra freedom of design. The durable coating tones in with most common roof and façade colours. The strong adhesive layer underneath makes it extra suitable for water tight joins on chimneys and dormers. It…

Other Lead products

Lead wool, lead granules, lead seals, lead roof tabs, lead-tin solder, etc.       Uzimet Lead Wool Lead wools is suitable as a filling material when welding lead, as a joint filler, adjusting natural stone or as a radiation shielding material in a lead aprons. Uzimet sells lead filings in big bags of approx. 25…

Patination Oil

Patination oil prevents white stripesblanches Properties of Patination Oil Patination oil seals sheet lead from the air preventing a white powdery layer forming that washes off and can dirty adjacent buildings. Lead is extremely resistant to atmospheric influences. When lead is exposed to the outside air a strongly bonded and almost insoluble oxidation forms slowly…


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