Purchase Lead

In order to be able to manufacture high quality lead products, Uzimet adheres to a selective purchasing policy.

Purchasing Restrictions

  • Uzimet only purchases old lead in for our production and refinery.
  • We purchase large quantities of clean lead scrap, clean cable lead and clean lead blocks with various analyses.
  • Lead scrap may not contain plastic, paper, wood or other non-lead substances; in the case of pollution Uzimet retains the right to refuse the entire shipment or to subtract weight.
  • Uzimet purchases from large scrap yards / dealers from around the world.

Delivery Time and Conditions of Payment

  • Purchasing contracts with Uzimet are for 25 tons or a multiple thereof.
  • We determine our purchasing price based on the lowest LME minus a fixed percentage discount of the lowest LME.
  • Delivery to Uzimet is carried out in consultation with our planning office (+31 (0)70 3192 221).
  • We mail the established weights of received goods the same day.
  • Payment is made 30 days after receipt of your invoice.

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