Properties of Venus Lead

Traditionally rolled sheet lead, with a surface finish, making patination unnecessary.  A uniform and stripe free coloured surface is guaranteed (no white lead). Heavy, yet extremely flexible, can be worked with from -5°C. Made of 100% recycled lead and fully recyclable. Natural product that performs better environmentally than plastic alternatives (research TNO).

Voordelen Uzimet venuslood

  • Permanent, metallic appearance  
  • Even colouring: no green or white striping
  • Can be applied under all weather conditions
  • Quick application, patination unnecessary
  • 100% recyclable
  • Durable

Applications for Venus Lead

Venus lead is extremely suitable for application on roofs and façades of buildings. Ribbed Venus lead is a variant for skylights, dormer windows, sun and photovoltaic systems. Venus Load SK is a self-adhesive variety that can be used for all joins and seals and can be used with all roofing materials, both for steep and flat roofs. Aside from standard dimensions Uzimet can also supply special dimensions (up to 3 mm thick).

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Standard Dimensions


1,25 x 1000 x 3500 mm

1,50 x 1000 x 2900 mm

1,59 x 1000 x 3000 mm

2,20 x 1000 x 2000 mm

2,00 x 1000 x 2200 mm


1,25 x 200 x 8820 mm

1,25 x 250 x 3530 mm

1,25 x 330 x 5350 mm


1,59 x 250 x 3000 mm

1,59 x 330 x 3000 mm