Ribbed lead is entirely or partially ribbed sheet lead.


Properties Ribbed Lead

The ribs of this rolled lead reduce the risk for cracks and absorb any contraction or expansion well. Suitable below skylights or as ridge lead. Due to its extreme rigidity little risk for being blown up. Quick and easy to work with (from -5°C) and in spite of solid weight very flexible. Conforms with NEN-EN12588 and retains value. Fully recycled and 100% recyclable.

Advantages of Uzimet Ribbed Lead

  • Manual application (no lead beater required)
  • Better absorption of contraction and expansion
  • 100% recyclable

Applications for Ribbed Lead

  • Soakers
  • Dormers
  • Various applications for roofs
  • Fully ribbed (suitable as ridge lead, for dormers and below skylights) and two thirds ribbed (suitable for below skylight and dormers).

Application / Instructions for Use Ribbed Lead

  • Use fully ribbed sheet lead for ridges
  • A lead beater is not necessary
  • Process at most 1 to 1.5 meter lengths
  • Use acid-free glue (MS polymer)
  • Maximum surface area to process 2 m²
  • Patinate the lead (daily production)
  • Wash your hands after working

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Standard Dimensions


Code 15 groen 25 cm x 300 cm
Code 15 groen 30 cm x 300 cm
Code 15 groen 33 cm x 300 cm


Code 18 geel 25 cm x 300 cm
Code 18 geel 30 cm x 300 cm
Code 18 geel 33 cm x 300 cm

Ribbellood wordt geleverd in twee varianten: gedeeltelijk of volledig geribbeld.

Ribbellood comes in two varieties: partially or fullyribbed.

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