Patination oil prevents white stripes

Properties of Patination Oil

Patination oil seals sheet lead from the air preventing a white powdery layer forming that washes off and can dirty adjacent buildings.

Lead is extremely resistant to atmospheric influences. When lead is exposed to the outside air a strongly bonded and almost insoluble oxidation forms slowly on its surface with a silver grey natural colour (patina).

The lead first forms a (lead) oxidation layer. This oxidation layer reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air thus forming a strongly bonded lead carbonate layer, which seals the lead from the air and stops further oxidation. The layer has a very low wear, so that with correct application, the waterproofing of the building survives.

Run-off sheet lead: TNO has measured the average wear of sheet lead amounts to approx. 2 2 gram/m2 per annum.

Using patination oil the unstable phase is almost entirely skipped: The sheet lead retains its even, grey colour and striping as a result of rainwater is prevented. Uzimet supplies patination oil in 1 litre packs (sufficient for approx. 60 m2)

Advantages of Uzimet Patination Oil

  • Prevents light grey marks and stripes on the sheet lead
  • Prevents washing of lead dioxide onto adjacent roof and façade elements

Processing Patination Oil

  • Remove any white oxidation layer (existing lead) with a rough jute cloth
  • Patinate sheet lead immediately once placed (before it rains)
  • Spread patination oil with a soft woollen cloth (prevents striping and staining).
  • Patinate in one direction (horizontal or vertical).

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Standard Dimensions


Dosign bottle 1 liter

(packed in box of 10)


Dosign bottle 500 ml

(packed in box of 10)