Lead wool, lead granules, lead seals, lead roof tabs, lead-tin solder, etc.

Uzimet Lead Wool

Lead wools is suitable as a filling material when welding lead, as a joint filler, adjusting natural stone or as a radiation shielding material in a lead aprons.

Uzimet sells lead filings in big bags of approx. 25 kg.

Tip: when sealing joins, apply with a pneumatic hammer.

Uzimet Lead Granules / Lead Shot

Lead granules are used as ballast and as raw material for the production of end products.  Uzimet lead granules consist for more than 99.9% of lead and are available as granules of 2.00 and 3.00 mm.

Seal Lead

Verzegelen met loden zegelloodjes is een klassieke manier van verzegeling.

Uzimet Lead Roof Tabs

Lead roof tabs are often found on historical buildings. Intended to seal nailed lead at the location of the nails to keep out water.

Uzimet Tin / Lead Solder

Tin/lead solder is used in the building trade. Uzimet supplies tin/lead solder in rods, – and wire form and only by the box.

Uzimet Lead Filings

Lead filings come from our sheet lead production and consist for 99.9% of lead. Uzimet sells lead filings in big bags of approx. 1,000 kg.