Lead sheet, the best and most durable waterproof seal


Properties of Lead Sheet

Rolled lead that satisfies NEN-EN12588. For an optimal water barrier in walls and above casings, on roofs and around dormer windows. Not susceptible to temperature fluctuations and already workable from -5°C. Heavy, yet extremely flexible. Made from 100% recycled lead and fully recyclable. Independent research by TNO shows that Uzimet sheet lead has better environmental performance than alternative materials. A natural and valuable building material.

Advantages of Uzimet Lead Sheet 

  • Workable from -5 °C
  • Consists of 100% recycled lead
  • Retains its value
  • Long life
  • Better environmental performance than alternatives
  • Environmentally safe

Applications for Lead Sheet 

  • Bouw: Building: water barrier (casings, cavities, chimneys etc.))
  • Medisch: Medical: protection against radiation (hospitals, dentists’ surgeries, etc.)  
  • Entertainment: sound proofing (discotheques, cruise boots, etc.)
  • Water sports/ mechanical engineering: ballast lead

Processing Lead Sheet 

  • Use the correct thickness of lead sheet (see diagram at ‘Everything About Lead’)
  • Process at most 1 to 1.5 meters in length or at most 1 m2
  • Attach lead with copper or Stainless Steel nails
  • Use acid-free glue (MS polymer)
  • Use a lead beater (plastic or hardwood)
  • Patinate the lead (daily production)
  • Adhere to the safety regulations (see diagram at ‘Everything About Lead’)

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