The Uzimet lead dressers are THE only real lead dressers

Properties Lead Dressers

The Uzimet lead dressers are plastic tools forworking with sheet lead to give it the right shapeand /or flatness. Uzimet supplies flat and roundlead dressers in combination with an order forlead.

Advantages of Uzimet Lead Dressers

  • No damage to the lead
  • Do not shatter (not like wooden lead beaters)

Instructions for Using Lead Dressers

  • Use the round lead dresser for beating the sheet lead into the desired shape (e.g. across roof tiles).
  • Use the flat lead dresser for hammering the lead tight against the smooth base.

Tips & Tricks

If you intend to use a wooden lead desser then use only hardwood lead beaters and sand the lead dresser surface if necessary.

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Standard Dimensions

  • Flat leaddresser
  • Round leaddresser

Flat leaddresser

Round leaddresser