Lead as ballast, that says plenty…

Driehoek ballastlood ingot lood loodfabriek

Properties of Lead Ballast

Lead has a higher specific gravity than, for example, concrete and steel. This makes it extremely suitable as ballast for a variety of applications. Uzimet produces lead ballast in sheets and blocks of various dimensions as well as customised, in accordance with NEN-EN 12588. Lead granules are also suitable for ballast (see other products) or can be cast in a mould.

Applications of Lead Ballast

  • Shipping
  • Bridges and cranes (counterweight)
  • Machines (stabilisation)

Uzimet also makes special moulds for the production of customised lead ballast.

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Standard Dimensions

Driehoekige blokken

Gewicht: circa 13 kg

Korte breedte 1: 80 mm
Korte breedte 2: 80 mm
Lange breedte: 110 mm
Lengte: 450 mm


Gewicht: circa 1645 kg

Hoog breed: 70 cm
Laag breed: 50 cm
Hoog lengte: 92 cm
Lang lengte: 60 cm
Hoog: 32 cm

Mini jumbo’s

Gewicht: circa 700 kg

Hoog breed: 43,50 cm
Laag breed: 33,50 cm
Hoog lengte: 43,50 cm
Lang lengte: 33,50 cm
Hoog: 42,5 cm