The Borra fixing clip for attaching the sheet lead firmly in the joint.


 Properties Fixing Clips

The Borra fixing clip is a stainless steel, wedge shaped clip for attaching lead flashing in fixings. This aid was developed in 2000 by Hans Borra and has been produced and supplied via the trade by Uzimet since 2001. The fixing clip, also known as the Borra Fixing clip, replaced the old method of attaching lead flashing with lead plugs.

TNO has tested the Fixing clip extensively. Result: a strength test showed that in a wall with half-brick masonry, using sheet lead Code 20 (20 pounds sheet lead, 1.76 mm thick) with a length of 1 meter with three Fixing clips in a standard Fixing (approx. 14 mm) the lead flashing only started to slip when exerting a tractive force of more than 175 kg!

From the test it was apparent that correct insertion of the clips did not damage the masonry or lead flashing. The Fixing clip has also been extensively tested and praised in practice

Advantages of Borra Fixing Clips

  • Better attachment of lead flashing in masonry walls
  • Easy and quick to apply

Application / Instructions for Use Fixing Clips

  • Chase open the joint at least 4 cm deep to ensure good anchoring of the sheet lead.
  • Tap the fixing clip with a chisel and hammer with the rounded side down on the lead into the joint. This avoids damage to the lead and gives the fixing clip better grip in the masonry.
  • Beat the flashing down flat.
  • In a cavity wall insert the sheet lead all the way to the inner wall.
  • Use one fixing clip per 30 cm for a reliable result.

Since 2017 we sell big and small fixing clips (in a box of 100 pieces or in a little bag of 25 pieces)

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