Coloured Lead


Properties Coloured Lead

Lead sheet coated on both sides that tones in with existing roof and façade colours. It has the same excellent properties as traditional sheet lead for creating watertight connections, in accordance with NEN-EN 12588. The special coating offers extra design freedom and possibilities for use. Malleable at low temperatures and resistant to high temperatures. Patination of coloured lead is unnecessary.

Advantages of Uzimet Coloured Lead

  • Tones in with existing roof and façade colours
  • Patination unnecessary, rapid application
  • UV resistant
  • Workable at low temperatures
  • Coating resistant to high temperatures.
  • Easily recyclable

Applications for Coloured Lead

  • Soakers
  • Dormers
  • Various applications for roofs

The following colours are available on request:

  • Terracotta red (similar to RAL 8004)
  • Anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7021)
  • Dark brown (similar to RAL 7019)
  • Earth brown (similar to RAL 7012)

Tips & Tricks

In order to prevent cracking Uzimet advises you to use sections of 100 cm. Uzimet supplies special repair bottles for repairing any damage to the coating when attaching.

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Standard Dimensions

Code 18 (1,59 mm)

Standard color combination: terracotta red / charcoal gray

1,25 mm – 250 x 7000 mm
1,25 mm – 330 x 5000 mm
1,25 mm -1000 x 3500 mm

1,59 mm – 250 x 3000 mm
1,59 mm – 330 x 3000 mm
1,59 mm – 1000 x 3000 mm

Other dimensions on request.