Extra reliable water barrier in cavity walls

  • More reliable water barrier in cavity walls
  • Uses for lead clamping strips
  • Water barrier in cavity walls

 Advantages of Uzimet Lead Fixing Clips

  • No glue necessary
  • Handy (160 cm lengths)
  • Quickly installable (pre-drilled)
  • Consist of 100% recycled lead

Application / Instructions for Use Clamping Strips

  1. Cut the sheet lead to size
  2. Make a water barrier
  3. Bend the lead into the desired shape
  4. Attach the lead clamping strip
  5. Hook the lead in the strip
  6. Slide the next lead clamping strip on
  7. Attach the profile
  8. Use a saw to mitre the interior and exterior corner or cut off 1 cm from corner

The Uzimet lead clamping strips are packaged in a box per 10 lengths of 160cm .

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